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City Partnership Introduces Incentives to get Workers to Return in Person

You are currently viewing City Partnership Introduces Incentives to get Workers to Return in Person
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A city in Southwestern state is looking to lure people back to their workplaces. If your office is in that local downtown city, it could pay to return to work in person. The city partnership connected to that state is, in fact, launching lottery-style giveaways. Moreover, the group does point out that there is an entire sector of businesses in the downtown grid that is primarily catering to office workers, and those businesses that continue to struggle as people do work from home.

City Notes There has Been a Huge Jump In-Person Workers

In fact, Executive Director Michael Ault said while there has been a significant jump in in-person workers downtown since February. However, the office occupancy is still just about 40% to 50%. Therefore, Ault said people working in person could, in fact, make or break the downtown grid.

On June 15th, the Allspicery on 11st Street across the State Capitol reopened for in-person business. It is situated between what used to be well-known dining choices. Moreover, they, in fact, did rely heavily on foot traffic as people went from offices to eateries.

Business will Hopefully Pick up Again

“In fact, the numbers are down, but that’s ok. Thus, we know that as people reemerge from home. Then start working downtown again, it will pick up again,” employee Tom Winnett said.

Moreover, the partnership wants to make it worth people’s while to go back to the downtown grid. In fact, the giveaway process is simple. In-person downtown workers just visit the Downtown Sacramento Partnership website. There you can enter to win prizes like VIP tickets to the Aftershock music festival, tickets to the Tower Bridge Dinner and hotel stays.

“This lottery, incentive, is an additional way to say, ‘Come back to work, and, moreover, we have got some fun things for you to benefit from,’” Ault said.

Different Work Styles and Situations

However, is luring people back realistic or to the benefit of those workers? 

Moreover, Gallup survey of office workers that was taken between October 2020 and April 2021, did show there was almost even split between people in white-collar professions working at home and working in person. 

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