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Stunning Day Drives Outside of Sacramento

You are currently viewing Stunning Day Drives Outside of Sacramento
Sacramento hosts many gorgeous routes around the state!
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Sacramento, while it is still the state capital of California, often gets overlooked as a place people visit in the state. When there are other cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, the attention gets pulled away from the more historic city. However, there is much beauty to see in the city! The city of Sacramento has many gorgeous sites to see, but also offers a beautiful place to use as a home base for several day trips for beautiful road trips just outside of the city.

Clear Lake

Coming in around 200 miles round trip give or take, this drive takes you from Interstate 5 through to Route 16. The drive comes in at about 4 hours round trip and is fully a scenic route drive! The lake itself is a stunning place and perfect for a day of fun and relaxation in between the drive.

Lake Berryessa

This lake is a bit closer than Clear Lake, coming in around 66 miles one way. The entire drive is full of gorgeous natural landscapes and when you reach the lake itself you will be able to enjoy the beauty with a little more privacy, as this lake is typically less populated than other day trip suggestions. This drive is a bit windier than others, but it is still guaranteed to be a good drive!

Twain Harte

This quaint little place got its name from two famed American authors, Mark Twain and Bret Harte. Located just outside of Yosemite, you will drive past the Sierra foothills and come across many other little towns to stop in.

South Lake Tahoe

The drive to South Lake Tahoe from Sacramento is slightly more than 100 miles one way. The drive itself is not too bad, usually some light traffic, but nice scenery along the way! In South Lake Tahoe, there is much to do! There is the lake itself, the accompanying town full of lovely places to visit, and plentiful beautiful hikes!

Gold Country

One thing about the Sacramento area that does not get overlooked is its proximity to gold country. California famously had a gold rush in the mid-1800s in the northern part of the state, and you can visit much of the area with just a day trip from Sacramento! You can stop in Placerville and Plymouth when en route to Auburn and Coloma and bask in the historic nature.

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