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Two Police Officers Were Wounded in Sacramento

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On Thursday morning two police officers were shot in South Sacramento. The shootout took place in the 3300 block of 27th Avenue at 11 A.M. The Police Department of Sacramento is a block away, near Franklin Blvd. The man, who wounded two officers, was suspected in a double shot. The suspect appeared to be a resident of Sacramento, Eric Arnold,41. He was wanted in the murder of two women, who were found dead at home on Friday night.


The suspect was killed by the officers, the police department confirmed. Two officers were trying to stop the suspect who was passing through some crossroads. Shortly, Arnold stopped the vehicle and got out of it. Minutes later, he started a gunshot at police.


Two police officers were shot and taken to a hospital. The gunshot wounds were considered to be non-life-threatening. One of them got a bullet in his stomach but the bulletproof vest saved his life. He is a 27-year veteran of the police department. The other officer who was shot in the leg is a 12-year old. Both are predicted to survive.


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