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A Truck Found with a Body Inside in Antelope Valley

You are currently viewing A Truck Found with a Body Inside in Antelope Valley
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PALMDALE, California – A dead body found in a truck is registered to a suspect tied to a triple murder in Palmdale, sheriff’s officials confirmed.


The Toyota was found on Sunday near Avenue G and 250th Street East in a remote area of Lancaster.


At that time, officials said the 2002 silver Toyota Tacoma pickup matched the general description of the car belonging to James “Todd” Brown but did not confirm it belonged to him.


Early Monday morning, sheriff’s officials confirmed that the truck’s license plate and Brown’s car’s license plate match, and the car indeed is registered to Brown.


The identity of the body found inside is not confirmed by the investigators.


Brown is wanted in connection with the murders of 56-year old Pepper Gardner, her husband 78-year-old Richard Gardner II, and his son 52-year-old Richard Gardner III.


Brown was someone the family knew for almost two years. He rented a trailer in the back of the family’s property while performing odd jobs for them.


Detectives believe they were killed in a dispute over money.


If you have any kind of information, you are asked to call the sheriff’s Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.


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