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VIN 001 Ford Bronco Sells For About $1 Million: First Edition Fun!

You are currently viewing VIN 001 Ford Bronco Sells For About $1 Million: First Edition Fun!
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There’s a new Bronco in town. Trying to grab it? Well you can’t grab the VIN 001. That one has already been sold. To whom? Well, for Charity! Just the other night, the vehicle had been sold off to charity at the Barrett-Jackson auction. The MSRP for a first edition 2021 Ford Bronco is only above $60,000, but in regards to the VIN 001, it was sold for maybe $1.1 million. The proceeds heading over to the Bronco Wild Fund organizations, as well as the National Forest Foundation as well as Outward Bound. Meanwhile, the Mustang Mach 1, yet another VIN 001, was bought for $500,000.

Ford Bronco has been a strong auction. The height of which has hardly been seen before. Yet donating the paid $1.1 million at this auction will sure help out the two organizations. They’re part of a green initiative to go outside and experience the outdoors. At the time, Ford happens to only be making 7,000 count of these First Editions in the 2021 model year alone.

So what’s special about VIN 001 for the Ford Bronco?

This one has quite the exclusively elusive Lightning Blue exterior while also possessing a dark space gray as well as a Navy Pier interior. The unit is able to incorporate a 2.7-liter V-6 EcoBoost. That engine is able to come up with an estimate of 310 horsepower and at least 400 pound-feet of torque. This is also to be paired with a 10-speed auto transmission and a two-speed advanced 4×4 system. The First edition sure may look like a remix of other Ford Broncos, but the tinted windows along with the sasquatchy options. Not to mention, the Bronco can also have removable doors. Can your 4×4 do something like that? No? I anticipated so. This vehicle is one of a kind. And it deserves to be cherished as such. No righteous hand would ever pass up on this offer.

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