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Chrysler Airflow EV Shows Off The Strength Of A Real Electric Machine

You are currently viewing Chrysler Airflow EV Shows Off The Strength Of A Real Electric Machine
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Chrysler has been showing off a new model called specifically the electric crossover with a nameplate. Specifically titled Airflow. This was made during the Stellantis EV Day event earlier in 2021, there’s even more information regarding the concept car. This is all supposed to showcase the newest technologies with electric platforms and driver-assistance features. The infotainment software is meant to showcase more than the SOftware Day presentation. It presents itself as more than a pure concept.

The vehicle makes its way to production by 2024 backed up by U.S. trademarks for Airflow. Chrysler has a shape of similar proportions with Ford Mustang Mach-E. The EV of the Year winner has more than achieving sales in the marketplace with success. Stellantis made news for four new EV platforms including the STLA Frame, the STLA Large, the STLA Medium and the STLA Small. Certainly the previous claims of Stellantis needs an inclusion of EV models the capacity of this would achieve a driving range up to 440 miles with electric motors generating 167 and 241 horsepower. The Dual-motor all-wheel-drive option is worthwhile.

The Chrysler vehicle allows for production. But is capable as the concept with side market lights and exterior mirrors. These will reach showrooms sooner than one may think. In which case, Stellantis thinks 2024 could be good for new platforms. So chances are, Chrysler is looking at 2025 as a model in the United States.


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