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COVID-19 Pandemic Blatantly Ignored By County Supervisors

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Evidently, there were supervisors that have “abandoned” the ideals of the public health department, early on in the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic, in which case, they chose not to provide support and funds in the middle of the worldwide disaster. This was concluded by the grand jury. They’ve scolded the Board of Supervisors for failure of update requests over the public health department’s COVID-19 response. And without funding, then there’s no real briefing being done by the public health officer. In the case of Dr. Olivia Kasirye, there had been a request for funding since only August 2020.

As Deanna Hanson, the Jury Foreperson has said “The Grand Jury is dumbfounded that the County Board of Supervisors seemed completely disconnected from the Office of Public Health in the midst of the crisis our community faced and, it is simply irresponsible to think that Sacramento will never face another situation that needs immediate attention. The burden and responsibility for safeguarding county residents through enforcement of COVID-19 public health orders were almost entirely borne by the County Public Health Officer and the Office of Public Health.”

The Pandemic Was No Big Deal To County Supervisors

According to the grand jury, this comes out as recently as Monday, just about two months after the jury themselves have published a critical report. This bothers supervisors who have apparently “undermined public confidence in government” and “abandoned responsibility for COVID spending.” They sent most of the $181 million for federal coronavirus aid in the direction of the Sheriff’s Office.

It’s for shame, the COVID-19 surge stunted the movement of the supervisor with their allocation of the CARES Act funds. The general public made several COVID-19 emergency budget requests through inexplicably forced measures. It simply is not fair.

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