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Open and Enclosed Car Transport: What’s the Difference?

You are currently viewing Open and Enclosed Car Transport: What’s the Difference?
Open carriers like this one are reliable and affordable.
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Car shippers like Sacramento Car Transport offer two options when it comes to shipping a vehicle: open and enclosed transport. These two services are both excellent, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. Want to know the differences between the two types of car transport so you can make a more informed decision for your shipment? Read on!

Open Car Transport is Fast and Affordable

Open shipping is the standard when it comes to auto transport. For this service, we load your car on the back of a special trailer called a car carrier trailer. You’ve definitely seen these trailers out on the highway before. They carry as many as ten cars at a time and leave them exposed to the elements. Car shipping companies use these trailers a lot because of their carrying capacity, which is much better than enclosed trailers.

Open shipping is great for a wide variety of transport orders. These trailers are much more readily available than enclosed shipping trailers, so they are easier to schedule. This makes the turnaround time on your shipment much quicker. And because they’re more efficient, we’ll be able to offer you a lower rate! If you want an affordable car shipping service, this is the right option for you.

Enclosed Shipping is Safe and Secure

The only downside of open transport is that something can happen to your car. Our drivers drive safely and take precautions to keep your car safe, but they aren’t all-powerful, unfortunately. Bad weather, rocks on the road, and other environmental factors can potentially cause expensive damage to your car.

If open transport isn’t secure enough for you, then you should choose enclosed shipping instead! With enclosed shipping, your car will be completely safe from any environmental dangers. We recommend this service to anyone who has a luxury car or a fresh paint job because it will prevent your car from needing any potentially expensive fixes. Guaranteeing your car’s safety is as easy as asking us for enclosed shipping!

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