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‘Talladega Nights’ Cars Available For Purchase In Bring A Trailer

You are currently viewing ‘Talladega Nights’ Cars Available For Purchase In Bring A Trailer
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The movie, “Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby,” is itself a cultural touchstone in the world of automotive. Not since “Days of Thunder” had there been such a movie that would absolutely raise the profiles of actors Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Sacha Baron Cohen. The cars especially in this NASCAR-spoof had been totally driven to go forth with their infamous drive. And now they’re about to be sold on the popular website, Bring A Trailer.

Well, not exactly the stock cars. But the Go-Karts on display look exactly like a vehicle that Ricky Bobby and friends would drive. The go0karts had been set up similar to the cars from the movie.

According to the seller on Bring A Trailer, the go-karts are even able to fit in a driver upwards of six-feet tall. It’s therefore, so simple to get yourself in the Sparco racing suits.

Each Go-Kart comes with a tubular-steel frame, as well as four-inch-wheels that show off a 212cc Predator single-cylinder OHV engine and chain drive. All the while, there’s specific costumes that you can wear.

According to the listing, the whole thing costs around $4,100 in a bid.

The go-karts utilize the fiberglass bodywork to wrap around the liveries. Every kart is modeled after the Chevrolet monte Carlo NASCAR models in Talladega Nights and featuring Old Spice and Wonder Bread logos upon the hoods while there have been driver names all along the roofline, all while the features can include Chevrolet logos and Monte Carlo graphics, as well as fake front and rear lights and windshields.

The carts are being sold with no reserve as the auction set to cross over the finish line on January 24th. It’s best to reserve the purchase early on. Otherwise, you might just be left in the dust.

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